Fun and positive business culture, how to create it?

Cultura empresarial divertida

Creating a fun business culture that is positiveis essential in any office. When people are having fun, they have a better attitude and can do their jobs better.

From celebrating the great things to enjoying the little ones, building asolid, positive fun company culture that inspires so much teamwork is very beneficial and does not require a large income. If you want to know how to build a happy culture in your company, read on! Here we will give you some tips to get it done.

Tips for a fun business culture

Recognize milestones and achievements

Letting people know they matter is one of the most important components of a thriving janitor-style culture. When employees feel like mindless cogs, their work is unlikely to matter to them and they soon will look for a job that is interesting and fulfilling.

Honouring accomplishments and milestones improves morale by encouraging the individual to acknowledge and show team members that important events are noticed and praised at workplace. An easy way is to celebrate each employee’s birthday with a special dessert. Another strategy that can work is celebrating work anniversaries by giving employees a personalized gift that makes them feel special.

Hold meetings that employees look forward to

Many companies with a fun company culture that is positive have a meeting each week to praise victories, discuss ideas, and explore ways they can continue to improve services. In this way, they ensure that communication with employees is transparent so that they can participate in discussions that help the company grow.

Employees look forward to these meetings as a time to come together and learn what is going on. To encourage that fun company culture and that employees are impatient for these meetings, the company should incorporate an element that they like, such as free food! Some companies prepare a buffet for everyone before each meeting or enjoy lunch at some of their favourite local food spots.

Implement a “happy hour”

Large companies have instituted “happy hours” in the office, inviting employees to have a drink while they finish their workday. Some companies even offer an unlimited supply of adult beverages, showing their employees that they trust they won’t abuse the privilege. Likewise, happy hour get-togethers outside of the office give co-workers a chance to bond over something.

Playing time

Pool tables and basketball rings may seem like distractions, but some companies have recognized their usefulness as boosters of creativity. Brainstorming sessions take on a new level of excitement in a competitive ping-pong game, and workers caught up in a project often benefit from a few minutes away from their desks to play games. These activities also encourage employees to stay and socialize with their co-workers after 5 p.m., rather than rushing out.

Create fun workspaces

And since employees spend most of their time at work, a good fun and positive company culture strategy can be to make their workplace reflect what makes them happy. To do this, you can encourage your team members to express their personalities in their workspaces or propose a fun decorating challenge for the office. This can stimulate creativity and also develop a more relaxed atmosphere.

Creating attractive break rooms or collaboration areas within the office is also very favourable. This is a great way to encourage inventiveness and bring the team together. Google is one of the best known companies that has adopted this mind-set. In many offices, bikes and scooters are available for travel between meetings, and common spaces are filled with foosball, pool tables, and video games.

While your budget may not allow so many attractions to be added, there are many cheaper options that can still make your workspace unique. You can set up a quick board game in the break room or put up a video game console and host a championship once a month.

Plan team outings

Allowing the team to bond outside of the workplace helps everyone get to know each other on a more personal level. This is an opportunity that does not always present itself during the daily routine. Everybody needs an escape once in a while. The company event planning gives the team something to look forward to.

Group outings can be as simple as a monthly breakfast club, joining a volleyball team, or sharing a happy hour once a month. You can even assign one or two team members to plan the activity each month, which will help ensure group activities are seen as fun and not imposed by the boss.

Bringing the team together outside of the office in a casual setting makes it easy for people to get to know each other and form new memories while having fun. Field trips don’t have to break the bank, they just have to be something everyone is interested in.

There are companies that participate in golf or soccer tournaments, charity races; even they participate in activities such as challenges that include trekking, kayaking, cycling and more. This instantly shows employees valuable lessons about teamwork and enables them to build strong relationships outside the office.