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How to focus in the office and maximize your productivity

Concentrarse en la oficina focus in the office

Focus in the office is essential to think clearly, solve problems, make decisions or remember things effectively. Staying focused is important, but staying focused on a task is getting harder and harder since a number of factors can pull you out of what you are doing at any given time. The most unfortunate thing is […]

Smart buildings and their benefits for companies

Edificios inteligentes Smart buildings

Smart buildings integrate technology to provide solutions to long-standing problems of overspending and inefficiency in the construction and use of buildings. Inside a smart building, all systems are connected, from air conditioning to security to lighting. Let’s just imagine walking into an office, checking in at our workstation, and having the desk automatically adjust to […]

Virtual office: Its advantages and how to make it effective

oficinas virtuales

The virtual office creates an opportunity for employees to work when they want from anywhere. In addition, not only does it save travel time and lower overhead costs as there is no rent to pay, but having remote workers also increases productivity and results in a lower rate of quitting. What is a virtual office? […]

Benefits of renting an office instead of buying one

Alquilar una oficina Renting an office

Renting an office can be an excellent option for growing small businesses. This can help them expand their business capabilities and work more productively, saving money on costs that are incurred when buying an office. Nowadays, you can find furnished and fully equipped offices ready to go at any time. This allows them to move […]

Benefits of a positive work environment

personas en un ambiente de trabajo positivo

Promoting a positive work environment in the office is an excellent way to increase business productivity, creativity, and success. We must be clear that, for many people, going to work is not a pleasant task. This generates work stress, which has an impact on the work environment. That is why it is so important to […]

Standing desks: benefits for our health

Escritorios de pie Oficina

Standing desks are an excellent alternative for overcoming sedentary lifestyles in the office by allowing the person to stand comfortably while working. So it is not surprising that they are becoming very popular around the world. Although this is not a recent invention, but has been around for many years, the modern version of this […]

Disadvantages of using technology in the office

Technology in the office

In an increasingly globalized, digitized and connected world, technology has been incorporated and made necessary in all aspects of our lives. In the workplace it could not be less and the use of technology in offices is increasingly essential for the development of any activity. In fact, it is almost impossible to do something without […]