Factors to consider before buying office furniture

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Office furniture are an essential element in the configuration of our workspaces, since, considering that we spend between 8 and 9 hours in the office, to a large extent, not only our comfort and health will depend on them, but also productivity.

With this in mind, it is important that our workplace has the appropriate office furniture since, in addition, a wrong choice can make the space feel boring, cluttered, and lose interest in tasks due to its lack of mobility and flexibility.

Therefore, if you want to improve your business, increase employee productivity and promote a healthy work environment, you are most likely thinking about buying new office furniture. However, whether you are renting a new office space, moving to another office, or redesigning your office there are several factors to consider before buying office furniture. Here are 10 of them.

1. Budget

Buying office furniture is an investment, so the first and most important factor is undoubtedly the budget since the amount we are willing to spend on office furniture will determine not only the type but also the quality and quantity of them. With a budget in mind, the recommendation is to look for the best deals and select the highest quality furniture that our resources can afford.

2. Space

In the second order of priority, the size of the office space is something we cannot overlook, since, depending on it we will also be able to determine the type of office furniture we can buy and the right size of the furniture. Also, it will help us to decide the number and design of furniture in the space.

Office furniture Work space

For example, if we have few employees and a small space, we could buy larger joint work tables. But instead, if you have more employees in a small office space then you will require more desks. Therefore, you will need to make sure that they are not too small or uncomfortable office furniture.

3. Lighting

Regardless of whether it is an office with many or few windows, every workspace will still require a certain amount of lighting. While having more windows may reduce our electricity costs during the day, we will need adequate lighting that is strategically located in places where it benefits employees the most.

4. Comfort

When it comes to buying office furniture, comfort is not something that should take a back seat. If your work team is not comfortable in their workspace, this will most likely affect productivity, performance, and morale in the workplace. So you will need to make sure that everyone in the office is in a comfortable and healthy working environment if you want them to stay interested and more focused on their work. In this sense, chairs and desks play an important role.

Office chairs

When talking about comfort, it is no secret to anyone that chairs are by far one of the most important elements to consider within an office space, considering that most employees usually sit in their chairs for eight to nine hours a day. So the wrong choice can lead to back pain, neck pain, or stiff joints due to sitting uncomfortably and working long hours.

Office furniture Office chair Office desk

To counteract this, office chairs should be of high quality and ergonomic design, but not too comfortable for a midday nap. In this sense, buying office chairs with wheels is the best option, since it allows movement and faster accessibility.

Office desks

Just like chairs, desks will also be our companions throughout the working day. In fact, we will spend most of the time working from them. Therefore, they should be functional and large enough in size so that we can do our work in the most optimal and comfortable way possible. For example, we need to make sure there is enough legroom underneath so that we can stretch occasionally.

5.  The location of the office furniture

Similarly, another detail that is closely related to comfort is the location that will have the furniture, as these should be placed in an appropriate way to avoid causing discomfort, which will also contribute to increasing efficiency and productivity by keeping us relaxed, fresh, and always ready to work.

6. Type of material the office furniture are made of

Among the essential characteristics that our office furniture must have, these must be made of a durable, easy to clean, resistant to water, resistant to dirty, and anti-scratch material. If the office furniture meet all these characteristics, you will not have to worry much about daily care and cleaning. So keep this in mind and you will make a one-time investment in the right furniture, which will stay stylish and clean without much effort.

7. Aesthetics

When buying office furniture, you should also keep in mind that they are of a fresh color, and a design and appearance that also suit the look and theme of the workspace. Thus, the entire office will be seen as a single unit and we will be maintaining harmony and synergy, which will allow all of us to be satisfied and motivated to do a better job with greater work productivity.

Office furniture Esthetic

If, on the contrary, the color or style of the furniture is different for each individual, our office will seem like a puzzle and we will project the image of a messy environment, which can have a negative impact.

8. Storage workspace

Having adequate storage solutions for each workspace is vital if we do not want to accumulate hours of paperwork on your office desks or even on the floor. This will ensure that each employee keeps their work documents, files and materials in an orderly and organized manner, which will help to have easy access and an improved work flow.

9. Electronics

The office furniture that we buy must be compatible with the electronic equipment that we have in the office. This means that, not only must they provide enough space for the hardware but also allow easy management of cables that have some key elements such as a computer, a telephone, among others.

10. Cubicle dividers

Before planning to invest in office furniture one of the things you should do is define the office space. In this sense, if you want an option that provides privacy and productivity, cubicle dividers are the right choice since they provide each person with a mini office within the office, but still allow us to communicate freely.

Without a doubt, taking these factors into account when buying office furniture will ensure that you promote comfort, a healthy work environment, and above all the productivity of your company in a positive work environment.