Tips for decorating small offices

oficinas pequeñas

Decorating small offices is a challenge for many. Since small spaces tend to limit us to a point where we do not even know where to start. This is undoubtedly an increasingly frequent problem today due to the growing tendency to have offices with very small spaces.

However, having small spaces does not have to limit us, because with a little imagination and organization we can make the most of them. Thus achieving everything necessary to make the space as cosy and comfortable as possible for those of us who work there.

Therefore, if you are currently facing this problem, here are some tips for decorating small offices that can help you take advantage of every meter of space

Start by putting order in the office

Having a small space crowded with things makes it look even tinier than it really is. Therefore, if you want to give a feeling of spaciousness, it is best to start by ordering the space. Since the fewer objects, papers and other elements we have in view, the greater the feeling of spaciousness that the office will transmit.

For this, we can bet on few elements but that they are of quality. In addition to making use of shelves, cabinets and drawers to divide spaces in the office and have a greater order. Trying to keep in them everything we do not need, such as papers, filing sheets, among other objects. Also discarding in the process, if any, some useless objects that only increase clutter and will never be used.

It is also important that we organize the objects by categories and not by spaces in order to access them more effectively. We will leave on the table only those essential that we need to work. Since, having everything well-ordered will allow the office not to be visually overloaded and that we are more efficient, having what we need always at hand.

Be sure to keep workspaces as tidy as possible, remember that the fewer unnecessary items we have in view, the bigger our office will look.

Take advantage of good lighting

Good lighting of all spaces is also essential to gain spaciousness. And in the decoration of small offices one of our best allies is natural light. So we must make the most of the available natural light, to generate that feeling of spaciousness that we want.

Small offices Good lighting
Good lighting of all spaces is also essential to gain spaciousness

Among the considerations that we must have in this regard, we must first eliminate all possible barriers that prevent the passage of natural light. We must also change the blackout curtains and large prints, since that only subtract lighting. Opting for fabric curtains that are light and not very thick.

Another tip is to place the office table under the window, in this way we will enjoy more lighting to work during the day and we will leave the centre of the office free, which will make it seem much larger than it actually is. At the same time that will give prominence to the windows.

If, on the other hand, we do not have natural light, we must provide adequate lighting for the entire office, which preferably comes from various sources and from the ceiling. It is preferably best if the lighting comes from dichroic or fluorescent lights inserted into the ceiling. Since pendant lights make the space visually charged, and of course, smaller.

Colour is also important in decorating small offices

When we talk about decoration, colour is always the protagonist, but when it comes to small spaces, it is even more so. This because of the breadth or depth that it can provide and because it also allows to give personality to the spaces. For this, light colours will be the best allies. In this sense, white, as well as neutral and yellow tones are ideal since they can generate much brighter spaces and make everything look more spacious.

On the other hand, the soft and pastel tones also provide great clarity and a feeling of spaciousness. Something that we will also achieve with ceilings and walls of the same colour and that can be nuanced with notes of colour in the various accessories, such as chairs and stationery, among others. Well, unifying colours in furniture and walls causes them to be lost in them and produces the feeling of a larger space. Being white the best colour to achieve this effect.

A tip to keep in mind, is not to mix many colours of different shades, since doing so loses harmony. Instead, use similar colours within the same colour wheel.

Smaller items help gain amplitude in small offices

Excessively large office supplies not only take up more space, but also make it look smaller. Therefore, we must do without them whenever possible if we want to make the space seem bigger and wider.

We must decorate our office using small, practical and functional furniture and office supplies, since they will take up less space. An example of this is the wall-mounted desks. With them we can do without legs or supports that only occupy space and cause a feeling of crowding and disorder.

Let’s make the most of the space

When we have little space, every centimetre counts and therefore we must make the most of them. In this sense, we can take advantage of walls and corners that seem lost by placing custom furniture, such as hidden cabinets or small shelves. Likewise, when you have small offices, it is best to create common work spaces. Since they help to make better use of space and facilitate coexistence and creativity.

Small offices

Small, straight furniture, as well as thin-legged chairs, and glass desks or tables are also a good choice for spaciousness. Likewise, if we have shelves, we must minimize the elements that we keep there, because the excess of elements in them also generates the feeling of a very small space.

On the other hand, arranging the desks against the wall will allow us to leave the central area free, thereby opening spaces and facilitating mobility. In addition to creating the idea of spaciousness.