Tips for choosing the ideal desk for your office

Elegir escritorio ideal para una oficina

The desk is one of the most important parts of our office and a great ally in every work day we do. Well, we spend a lot of time in it and we do the most tasks, so it is almost impossible to do our job without it.

So, whether we are thinking of remodelling or renovating our office or simply establishing ourselves in a new office, it will be vitally important for us to have the most suitable desk. Because in the long run this could also have repercussions on our health and work performance. So thinking about it, here are some tips that you should keep in mind when choosing the ideal desk for your office.

Desktop Size

Without a doubt this is the first factor to take into account when choosing and will depend on the space available. Since according to this, we could choose a larger or smaller desk, but it does not necessarily mean that because we have more space we should also have a larger desk, so it is equally necessary to consider the practicality that it should have.

In short, our desktop should be large enough to allow us to work comfortably. But, not so much so as not to exceed the space we need to carry out the work. So, to take advantage of every inch of the office, the first thing we must do is take the measurements of the space, considering the width, height and depth, so as not to choose a very large desk and a very small one that is uncomfortable. Also consider that the chair must be left with enough space for proper transit.

In general, it can be established that a standard-size desk is one that is 120 centimetres wide by 75 centimetres high and 90 centimetres deep. With these dimensions we can have enough space to place some objects that we must have on hand such as: books, notebooks, tablets or laptops among others with which we work or want to dispose of easily.

Although, we can also choose a slightly smaller desk that has or shelves that allow us to organize this material. Of course, if our work requires us to use plans or designs, it is most likely that we need a larger desk.

On the other hand, think carefully about where you want to place the desk and how it would be best for you to work, consider if possible near a window.


Although most desks look alike, the truth is that there are different types of desks and each one has a different function. And because each type of table is used for different specific purposes, they also have different characteristics.

The type of work to be carried out or the use that we will make of the desk is also important when choosing the ideal desk, since, if it is shared work or individual work, for example. A desk for a graphic designer (which will require a lot of space to have more than one screen) is not the same as a desk for someone who works in accounting (which requires a slightly smaller desk). Therefore, the needs of the job will give us a guideline.

The desk Offices

In this sense, the L-shaped desks are one of the most used options in offices, since they allow the maximum use of space and allow us to get an extra space, in which we can leave important elements to always have on hand; but it can also be used for multiple purposes. You only have to choose whether you prefer it on the right or left side, depending on which would be the best distribution.


The design of our office must go beyond a simple arrangement of elements in a given space. Therefore, the ideal desk that we should choose for our office should be ergonomic.

It is necessary to emphasize that ergonomics is an area of design that studies ways to make the use of objects as comfortable as possible for us. This in order to avoid adopting unnatural postures that if prolonged for many hours in the long run can cause injuries and other health problems.

Considering this concept then, so that our desk is ergonomically ideal. The desk should have an average height between 70 and 75 centimetres from the ground, which will give us enough space under the desk to move our legs comfortably.

For its part, the width and length of the table will depend on the work to be done. Although currently due to the decrease in the size of the screens there is a tendency to have increasingly narrow tables. The dimensions associated with an ergonomic work table are between 80 centimetres wide and 120 centimetres long.


If we are going to spend many hours sitting in front of a computer something that we cannot forget is comfort. So it is advisable to test a desktop before buying and consult with specialists in the field. Also taking into account the office chair, since the comfort at work will depend on it.

In short, we must verify that we will have enough space to move comfortably in our workspace. This includes getting up, grabbing an item, looking for something in a closet, or opening the desk drawers effortlessly. Remembering that the ideal desk is the one that gives us greater comfort and well-being.

The design

In our office the decoration plays a very important role and of course the ideal desk does not escape it. Because depending on this and the rest of the furniture, our office will have a more elegant and comfortable appearance. That will help us do our job better. So, for example, if we want a more modern look, we can opt for models with an unconventional design. But, if you want a more serious office, a classic desk will give us the sobriety we are looking for.

The desk Computer

What we cannot neglect is the harmony that must exist between the desktop and the rest of the environment. In offices with little space, light coloured or glass desks are recommended, which provide spaciousness.

Without a doubt, the desk is not only a part of the furniture in our office but also an element that gives us comfort and well-being. Therefore, choosing the ideal desk represents a long-term investment that requires an analysis of the elements that we have mentioned. So we hope this article provides ideas to help you decide on your ideal desktop.