Coworking spaces, the new way of working

Coworking spaces emerge as a new way of working, which has changed the concept of offices. This modality of shared work spaces came to revolutionize the way office work is done. Capturing more people every day for its great advantages. Since it helps to promote teamwork, creativity, professional growth.

Coworking spaces have helped thousands of people around the world. Raising your productivity and connecting everyone involved. Even creating new companies based on communication and information technologies. A business model that enables rapid business growth.

Thus, coworking is a form of work that gives independent professionals, entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to share the same workspace. Managing to develop individual and joint projects, if possible.

They are mainly intended for those who work using the Internet. Designers, programmers, developers, writers, journalists and many more. Coworking spaces generally offer, at a minimum, an individual desk, Internet access and other services.

Advantages of coworking spaces

Coworking is a trend that is growing rapidly. Over time they have gone from being just a few spaces in European countries to becoming an innovative concept around the world. Its advantages are many, making it a very modern and attractive option, worth experimenting with.

Professional space at a lower price

This is one of the attributes of these workspaces that attracts the most attention. Above all, small companies with few employees or freelancers. They see coworking spaces as an opportunity to stop working from home or not have to rent a conventional office space.

Coworking spaces Freelancers

Coworking offers a professional space from the first moment. Because they are strategically designed places for this purpose. They have the furniture and the comforts so that this new way of working can be carried out. In addition to this, they will not have to worry about maintaining the space. And best of all, it is a much cheaper and more flexible solution than renting an office

On the other hand, cost savings are not just about rent. This also involves expenses on services such as the internet, electricity, water and air conditioning. Also, money is saved on equipment such as printers, photocopiers and scanners, in the event that the coworking space does not provide it. Being a space where everything is shared, even expenses, it is a great advantage.

Flexibility of use

A great advantage of coworking spaces is that they should not be rented on long-term contracts. These offer different plans according to the needs of their users and the hours they need them. Thus, they can be rented only for a month if you require it this way.

They allow to expand business relationships

These spaces give you the possibility to get out of the isolation in which you can find yourself, professionally speaking. Because they are conceived in a collaborative work environment. You will no longer be in isolation from self-employment.

In addition, it facilitates the ability to develop business opportunities, share information and search for clients, without much effort and in a much simpler way. In these shared work environments, coffee breaks or lunch breaks are ideal times to expand the network of professional contacts.

Increase the well-being and productivity of your employees

This is ideal for small and large companies as it enables them to train their staff. In addition to getting new talents. This is because, in these coworking spaces, events such as workshops and seminars are generally organized, providing the opportunity of networking with professionals from other circles.

Disadvantages of coworking spaces

Not everything can always be good, and these workspaces do not escape it. Although these disadvantages are easy to bear, they can generate certain doubts, in those who have considered making use of them.

Coworking hours

These spaces have strict hours, both at the opening and at the end of the day. Likewise, when several companies and professionals coexist, in order to prevail the order, schedules are established for the use of the different spaces within the offices. These rules must be compulsorily observed, so that other users are not harmed. So if you are one of those who tend to spend overtime in the office or like to extend the meetings with your staff more, it can be a little difficult to work in coworking spaces.

Much ruin and little tranquillity

If you are the kind of people that usually work in silence and do not like to have distractions, coworking spaces are not your thing. With other people working just like you, there will always be noise and bustle in the place, since the other people will be talking and sharing ideas.

Coworking spaces Collaborative work

Although if you like collaborative work environments, there are types of coworking spaces that offer private offices, which are reserved sections within the same building. These provide greater formality and privacy, but without losing the essence of the world of shared work.

There is no privacy

Very similar to the previous point, privacy is lost in coworking spaces. They can listen to your phone calls and watch your video calls. Although the truth is that everyone is at their jobs, they can listen to everything you say. But, since these spaces have several sectors, if you want some privacy, you can move away from the common areas or enter one of the meeting rooms that is unoccupied.

On the other hand, it is important to clarify that coworking spaces are not the same as business centres. The latter offer other aspects such as fixed private offices, offices, meeting rooms, and even coworking spaces.

The most marked difference is privacy; in a business centre you can work in a private space without distractions or interference from other people or companies. While, as we already mentioned, coworking spaces are more flexible and more integrated with different companies and professionals.

In short, you must keep in mind that coworking is not for all types of companies. But you have the possibility to experience whether or not it works for yours. This new way of working has its advantages that make it very attractive, and its disadvantages that make you think about it well before venturing out. If you want to expand your business or just want to leave your living room to a more modern work environment, see these shared spaces as a great opportunity to do so.