Disadvantages of using technology in the office

Technology in the office

In an increasingly globalized, digitized and connected world, technology has been incorporated and made necessary in all aspects of our lives. In the workplace it could not be less and the use of technology in offices is increasingly essential for the development of any activity.

In fact, it is almost impossible to do something without logging in to the internet or not having technological devices to complete our tasks. So, it is easier to communicate in the office and stay on top of work wherever we are.

Without a doubt, for all the benefits of office technology, productivity can be staggering. However, there can also be negative effects due to the technology we use in the office, especially due to the misuse and abuse of it. Knowing then that technology is a two-sided coin, below we will analyse the main disadvantages of its use in the office.

With technology, the expectation is created that we will always be available

Although it is undeniable that technology has improved and incredibly facilitated the way we communicate and interact while we work. Faster and more fluid communication has the disadvantage of a greater difficulty in disconnecting from work.

This is due to the expectation that we will always be available. Well, by working remotely, many applications and programs allow work to follow us everywhere and make it almost impossible to escape from it. And it is that as more people work in this way little by little the line that divides home and work is blurring.

While this may be a blessing for some people, for others it may just represent increased stress levels. But, in addition, it creates a culture of working until you can’t. To mitigate this problem, turning off devices after a certain time can help a lot.

Technology can have negative effects on health

There are many studies that show how addiction to technology can cause multiple negative effects on health. From the carpal tunnel in the wrists to the bulging discs in the neck and back. Technology can also increase stress levels, damage eyesight, cause sleep disorders, cause depression, promote weight gain, and lead to significant future health problems. Above all, these consequences are presented by the misuse or abuse that we make of it.

On the other hand, among the negative health effects that the use of technology can generate is also addiction to it. One of the most serious cases is nomophobia, which is the irrational fear of not having the Smartphone nearby or not having access to it. This anxiety disorder represents a serious problem that must be treated with a specialist, since it not only affects the health but also the efficiency of an employee.

Technology can be distracting at work and affect productivity

With so much technology available today, it is easier to get distracted by it. Therefore, business leaders must establish policies and limits to prevent their use from distracting employees in the workplace. Many employees are allowed to bring their own device to work, but they may be distracted by text messages, games, and social media. Likewise, having the internet on computers can generate these same habits, which could take someone away from a task and can reduce productivity.

The best is to help employees develop good work habits in technology, if we seek to maximize satisfaction and productivity at work.

Technology can make us a target for cyber attacks

Currently, cloud-based systems allow us to prevent data and important information from being lost, as they provide us with a backup. However, if there is no good encryption to protect your organization’s data and information, a cyberattack could have damaging repercussions.

In fact, the information we store electronically is open to piracy. So some tools, such as email that we use to improve communication, can also open a door to viruses, Trojan horses, and other software or hardware problems.

This means that the security of our technology systems is not optional. So we must continually invest in updating our security measures if we want to keep all of our data safe.

Increased costs

Due to the constant changes and evolution of technology, our companies must also keep up. This means that we have to bear the costs of continuous updating, which can also have a considerable impact on profitability. Since not only is the cost of updating the technology implicit, but also the cost of training the people who will use it. However, consider also that these constant updates could affect employee morale. Since they are expected to adapt to continual changes, the pressure to learn could end up affecting their job satisfaction and performance.

Technology creates dependency

No technological device or system gives us the guarantee that it will function without problems for life. However, many employees and companies have become dependent on technology to complete our tasks. But this dependency can turn into a weakness, as most companies have computer systems as part of their business.

If, for example, a system failure occurs, it can lead to a stoppage of activities until the problem is resolved. Which can be expensive especially if we have staff who work remotely from an internal system. Since, not being in the office, they cannot contribute to any existing tasks.

In conclusion, technology is neither good nor bad, but we must be disciplined with it. Well, it will continue to shape our lives and it will then depend on us being intelligent in its use so that it does not affect our health and the quality of the work we do.