Healthy habits to practice at the office


Maintaining healthy habits is not something that we should exclusively carry in our homes, but also outside of them and at all times. However, today we are so immersed in work that we do not take time to review the lifestyle we lead. And we end up adopting in our work environment some habits that, […]

How to manage stress in the office

Stress in the office

Currently stress is a constant in the lives of many people, especially due to work demands. And those of us who work in offices are not exempt from it. Long hours of work, constant changes in the work environment and high competition and demands, generally translate into an increase in the levels of pressure at […]

6 effective ways to relax at the office

Effective ways to relax

Currently in work and business life, stress and anxiety are common. Two conditions associated with increasing demands on our work environment and that force us to constantly live under stress. What in most cases is manifested through physical and mental exhaustion, mainly due to long hours of work. And it inevitably ends up affecting our […]

Tips for decorating small offices

oficinas pequeñas

Decorating small offices is a challenge for many. Since small spaces tend to limit us to a point where we do not even know where to start. This is undoubtedly an increasingly frequent problem today due to the growing tendency to have offices with very small spaces. However, having small spaces does not have to […]

Plants that purify the air in our office

Plantas que purifican

Plants that purify air are an excellent alternative that we should consider not only for our home but also for our office. Since, we usually spend an average of 40 hours a week in the office. Therefore, it would not be unreasonable to think that a healthy office environment will also positively influence the well-being […]

Technology in offices and its advantages

La tecnología en las oficinas y sus ventajas

Today it is difficult to conceive of a world without technology. And, the offices do not escape this reality. Advances in technology open up new opportunities to help understand and manage the workforce. In addition, technology has been a breakthrough in the world of organizations and way of managing work. What are the advantages of […]

Coworking spaces, the new way of working

Coworking spaces emerge as a new way of working, which has changed the concept of offices. This modality of shared work spaces came to revolutionize the way office work is done. Capturing more people every day for its great advantages. Since it helps to promote teamwork, creativity, professional growth. Coworking spaces have helped thousands of […]