Healthy habits to practice at the office


Maintaining healthy habits is not something that we should exclusively carry in our homes, but also outside of them and at all times. However, today we are so immersed in work that we do not take time to review the lifestyle we lead. And we end up adopting in our work environment some habits that, far from being beneficial for our physical and mental health, in the long run can cost us quite a costly bill.

Fortunately for us, carrying out a series of healthy habits in the office is not difficult, but it does require a lot of commitment on our part. Its adoption can help us achieve not only greater well-being, but also greater productivity. Find out what they are and how you should put them into practice below.

Caring for food

Eating a healthy diet at the office can be a difficult task. Well, many times we allow ourselves to be absorbed with work that we end up neglecting our diet. To the point that sometimes we do not eat anything or we eat it badly and very quickly. These are common practices that we must combat due to the repercussions they could have on our health.

For this, the recommendation is to integrate the following healthy habits into your work routine:

  • A good breakfast is the key to starting the day on the right foot and full of energy. So for nothing in the world should we skip it and instead we should try to enjoy a varied and nutritious breakfast before going to work. In which dairy, cereals, fruits and proteins are included.
  • Carry several healthy snacks with you, such as dairy, cereals, fresh fruits or nuts. These snacks, in addition to fighting hunger between meals, will help you maintain your energy and perform at your best.
  • In case you have to eat at the office, it is best to bring prepared food at home, since it is possible to prepare a healthier and more balanced menu. Than the one offered by most company canteens or cafeterias or that we can order by delivery.
  • Never sit at the desk to eat, because you may still not disconnect from work and eat very quickly. That is why it is better to do it in the company dining room and calmly.
  • If for any reason you must eat out of the office, avoid ordering unhealthy dishes.

Rest your eyes

Many people who work in offices have a computer as their main work tool. This requires great concentration when looking at the screen for long periods of time and can cause irritation, itching, dry eyes, blurred vision, redness, among others, since we blink very little.

This can also cause visual fatigue and in the long run it damages our vision. So the ideal is to take breaks for our eyes to rest, and it can be 5 minutes after each hour of work. Also try directing your eyes for a few seconds to places other than the monitor and repeat this exercise continuously throughout your workday.

Stay active

It is no secret to anyone that inactivity for long periods of time also has negative effects on our health. Ranging from weight gain and contractures to muscle aches. So we must move more in the office if we want to avoid it.

It is advisable to walk whenever possible and use the stairs instead of the elevator. In addition, we must get up every so often and walk at least ten meters. We can also complement with a series of stretches that we can do in the office and that will help us to stay active and fit. For example, moving the head from one side to the other, stretching the arms up or in front, among others.

Similarly, at the beginning or end of the day, you can take a few minutes to breathe or meditate. It will help us to be more relaxed.

Stay hydrated

As human beings we need to stay hydrated so that our body works optimally and has higher energy levels. You can take a large bottle to the office and drink from it frequently. But if you want to vary a bit because you do not like to consume large amounts of water. You can also choose to bring natural fruit juices or prepare teas or infusions.

Take care of your posture

We must try to maintain a correct posture not only when sitting in front of the computer but also when standing. This will prevent fatigue and long-term injuries. At this point it is also advisable to invest in a good ergonomic chair, as well as additional furniture to be comfortable.

Get organized and respect planning

This is one of the habits that we should practice in the office as soon as possible. Because the misuse of time and the lack of planning of tasks can lead to the accumulation of work, low productivity and high levels of stress.

The latter can have serious consequences for our health, such as physical and mental exhaustion or lack of energy. So we must organize work and respect the times for each activity that we have planned. So that we can solve everything in the expected time and without pressure.


It is important to establish a limit between the time that we must dedicate to ourselves and the time that we must dedicate to work. Therefore, once we have finished our day, it is necessary to move away from work on body and mind. And one of the main ways to do that is by not bringing work home.

Another way to do it while in the office is to take 5 minute breaks after every hour of work, no matter how busy we are. This will allow us to give ourselves a break and be more productive, returning to work with more force.