Advantages of investing in Panama

investing in Panama: If you are a businessperson, you have surely wondered what the advantages of investing in Panama are. Well, let us tell you there are many, since Panama is among the Latin American countries with the biggest economic growth and great opportunities  of investment in the commercial and tourism sector. At Office Panama Pro, we understand how important it is to know about the benefits that Panama offers to investors, that’s why we will tell you everything you want to know about the advantages of investing in Panama.


Panama is an isthmus geographically located in a privileged area, linking Central America with South America, favoring its commerce and business. Likewise, it has the Panama Canal, the central axis of its economy, since it allows a large flow of ships from many countries around the world, bringing great profits to the country. There are many other advantages to encourage you to invest in Panama. Join us to learn more!


US dollar as its official currency: The dollarization of Panamanian economy offers the financial stability that prevents us from suffering the onslaught of inflation and the devaluation of our currency, giving entrepreneurs a safe landscape for investment. Perfect, don’t you think?

It is easy to open a business: Panama is one of the countries where it doesn’t take long to establish a business. According to the Doing Bussines project, created by the World Bank to measure the ease of doing business, on average it takes 6 days for a company to open in this country.

In addition, multinational companies, thanks to the laws of the country, have incentives to invest in Panama, such as tax benefits, special migratory and labor regime, without limits for hiring foreign personnel. This has resulted in the installation of many multinational companies in Panama, something that is undoubtedly a great benefit for the Panamanian economy.


Stable and safe government: the country has a political system that provides legal security to investors, thanks to the fact that they have implemented policies that favor both the public and private systems in favor of economic development and investment, offering a very positive business environment.

Excellent real estate destination: Panama offers huge possibilities in the real estate sector, since you can easily invest in it. Entrepreneurs have tax and immigration laws that benefit them when they acquire real estate to establish their business.

The Hub of the Americas: this is how Panama is known as, thanks to the connectivity with other countries in the world, favored by the large number of its air routes and the number of flights that land in the country to connect with other destinations. Almost 6 thousand flights land weekly at the Tocumen International Airport and more than 90 air connections are made with 34 countries in America and Europe. Amazing!

According to Panamanian President Juan Carlos Valera Rodríguez, through this, Panama has achieved its place in the world economy by becoming a center for the transshipment of passengers and merchandise.

Special commercial areas

Another great reason to invest in Panama are its special shopping areas. These economic areas offer great labor, migratory and fiscal benefits, ideal for establishing a company in the country. City of Knowledge, Panama Pacifico and the Colon Free Trade Zone, are some of them, the latter being the second most important free trade zone in the world, contributing to approximately 12% of the gross domestic product per capita (GDP) in the country.

International banking system: Panama has more than 90 banking entities, 60 of which operate internationally, these have strengthened the national banking system by stabilizing the funds, creating greater competitiveness and liquidity, generating a very favorable banking stability for investments.

Low risk of natural disasters: this factor is not only an advantage to invest in Panama, but to live in the country, since the country does not have natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes, making it an attractive option for investors who besides establishing their company, would also like to stablish their residence in the isthmus. This gives them the assurance that their property and investment will not be at risk.


In short, there are many advantages to invest in Panama, so if you are interested in opening up to investments, this is an excellent alternative. At Office Pro Panama, we know the economic importance of the country, that’s why we specialize in supporting small and large entrepreneurs who want to expand their markets here, so do not hesitate, go ahead and invest in Panama!